Moreau González & Asociados MGA supports its clients in the proper review of existing laws and bills for the reform of national legislation for the early detection of legal barriers to the analysis of the economic impact of regulations on your business.

It focuses on the review of bills for the reform of national laws and passed laws for early detection of legal barriers and restrictions on free competition, and regulatory analysis of the economic impact on your business.

We are able to design business solutions based on the relevant analysis of the regulatory environment, in order to identify the main threats to your business and identify business opportunities for you.

We create flexible and affordable business solutions for you and your enterprise that you can use to perform registration procedures in a timely manner, as well as prevention / solution of potential difficulties.

We offer:

  • * A team of professionals capable of making the legal and economic analysis of the environment.

  • Protect your investment by anticipating potential threats in future regulatory environments.
  • Monitoring of law bills under consideration by the Venezuelan National Assembly.
  • Amendment and/or updating of the legal documentation of your company or business for legal compliance and their protection.