In Intellectual Property matters, Moreau Gonzalez & Associates MGA reviews and analyzes the current situation of your intangible assets, identifying risks and possible infractions related to your trademarks, patents and copyright, and offers you strategies to protect your investments in Venezuela and abroad.

To this end, MGA offers you:


  • Consultancy and assistance on trademark law for the protection of trademarks, trade names, service marks and slogans at national and international level.
  • Design, planning and execution of statutory audits, where together with the client we review and analyze the current situation of your intangibles assets in order to be able to identify potential risks and infringements, as well as to identify planning strategies for the protection of your investments in Venezuela.
  • Assistance in negotiations aimed at the disposal (assignment or licensing) of trademark rights.
  • Continuous monitoring service in the registration process of trademarks.
  • Assistance and advice regarding administrative agencies, particularly in bringing administrative actions including cancellation actions for non-use or reputation of earlier marks, oppositions, cancellation actions relating to trademarks and petitions for reconsideration of administrative decisions related to these matters.

Licensing and Technology Transfer

  • Advice on transactions and processes requiring technology and know-how from the researching companies, as well as other specialized international agreements of this type. We ensure that contracts comply with all current requirements of our regulations and are subsequently registered with the competent authorities (Foreign Investment Superintendency, SIEX and Autonomous Service for Intellectual Property, SAPI).
  • Notice of change of assignment and licenses to the National Trademark Office.

Trademark Litigation

Advice, assistance and follow-up procedures related to infringement and piracy in Unfair Competition cases in the area of Intellectual Rights. We have a team of specialists capable of conducting forceful actions when detecting a possible infringement on the market, such as the Early Examination Procedure, which is provided for in Venezuelan law and the Agreement on Trade-Related Property Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), and allows to request a Municipal Judge to make a personal inspection aimed at verifying the allegedly infringing material.

Domain Names

We offer advice and assistance in proceedings of preventive protection, defense of domain names and their connection with intellectual property issues, particularly on trademark law issues.


  • Preparation of patent protection strategies at local and international levels, and provision of patent monitoring service.
  • Provide support through expert external consultants in various fields of science, when required, for the analysis of registrability of invention patent applications.
  • We have an international network of specialized firms, through which we are able to handle any patent application in any country in the world.


  • Consulting, advising and defending copyright.
  • Litigation relating to infringements, cases of piracy and procedures for the destruction and removal of illegal copies of copyrighted material, as well as arbitration cases before the National Copyright Directorate.